John Lennon's 1967 'How I Won the War' satire goes on Blu-ray

film 09/05/2019

The British Film Institute has announced a Blu-Ray release of 'How I Won the War' (1967) starring John Lennon, Michael Crawford, Roy Kinnear, Lee Montague, and Jack MacGowran.

The Richard Lester film follows a naive and inept British commander, Lieutenant Goodbody, who enthusiastically leading his troops on a series of debacles on the battlefields of World War II. Lennon stars as Musketeer Gripweed.

This satire film is the only non-musical screen performance of John Lennon, and for the first time, the film is released in Blu-Ray. 

Available for purchase on 20th May, the black comedy film is based on a novel of the same name by Patrick Ryan.