Journey frontman Steve Perry recalls when AC/DC opened for his band

News 04/06/2019

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry recently recalled when future rock icons AC/DC toured as Journey's opening act, and he wasn't sure they could follow the amazing performance. 

Both groups played their first shows on the same night in 1973, and toured the US together in the 1970s, as Perry recalled in an interview recently:

"It was this new band and everybody said they were really rockin,” he said. “I was showing up the last 10 minutes of every show. I’m trying to sing all my stuff [backstage] and warm up, and I hear this, ‘I’m a problem child!’ I said, ‘What the hell is that?’ And I run out and I see Bon Scott just layin’ in down, and the [Young] brothers are driving, and the audience has their fists in the air, just shaking in time with the music,"

"I was stunned. I just said, ‘This is unbelievable. What is this?’ And then I had to follow this band? Go out there, sing ‘Wheel in the Sky?’ What am I doing? They’re killing me here!’. They made us play better, man. They spanked us bad – I’m being honest with ya, they spanked us a good one, and any band member will admit that. We had to learn how to play all these Journey songs, that we originally wrote, with a new intensity."