LISTEN: Peter Frampton covers B.B. King's 'The Thrill is Gone'

New 14/05/2019

The Peter Frampton band has recently released a cover of B.B. King's famous track, 'The Thrill is Gone', taken from their upcoming album, 'All Blues'.

Due to hit the stores this 7th June, the studio release will feature all of Frampton's favourite blues tracks, including 'The Thrill is Gone', which you can listen to below.

Frampton had performed the song with King numerous times before his death in 2015.

"I can't really think of the words that describe that feeling, but it was pretty stupendous," he told Billboard. "We were lucky enough, privileged enough to have B.B King open for us on his penultimate tour, and I played the number with him every night. I don't think people are gonna be too upset that we do a version of this."