'ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads' depicts Robert Johnson's mysterious origin story

film 03/05/2019

Are you on Netflix? Sick of all the shows that you've already seen? There's a new documentary that might just appeal to you - 'ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads'.

You probably have heard of Robert Johnson's story countless times. Johnson was a juke joint performer in Mississippi during the early 1930s. After an incident at a juke joint, he disappeared for one-and-a-half years before returning with a legendary comeback that everyone in the room had their jaws dropped to the floor.

Watch the trailer below.

"He’s doing things with the guitar that even his mentors can’t do," one says. As humans are incapable of understanding such improvements in such a short period of time, the people around him or who knew about him began to believe in this tale of how Johnson gave his guitar to the Devil at a rural (non-existent) crossroad to become a virtuoso in exchange of his soul. 

The rumour still lingers to this day, in association to the 27 Club as Johnson was the very first member of the club after his early and unfortunate death at the age of 27. Johnson's life was shrouded with full of mysteries and this documentary attempts to unpack some of those mysteries of his origins.

The King of Delta Blues have recorded 29 songs within less than a year and have influenced all of our heroes, like Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and so many more.