Slash confirms new Guns N' Roses album

New 30/05/2019

Guns N' Roses guitarist, Slash has just confirmed that a new album is in the works, due for release later this year.

bers have all previously teased the possibility of a new album, especially after the tour wraps up later in the year.

When we finish the tour in the fall then we will commence working on [what] will end up being the next Guns record.

Slash told 101 WRIF, "The thing is, we hadn't really done anything yet, and I don't like to say anything. You know how people promote shit and lie through their teeth? So I just wanted to be honest, and there was no telling what we were going to do at that point. But at this point, I do know we are going to do this one, and we've already started working on stuff. There you go."

Slash also expressed his frustration when a photo of his guitar rig set up at his bandmate, Axl Rose's house in Malibu was circulated online. "There was a rumor I was over there, it was before I had even been there," he noted. "I was like, 'Jesus Christ, that's a pain in the ass and annoying.' But I am excited about what we've got going on and everything, so it's going to be cool. It's awesome."

Listen to the full interview below.