WATCH: David Crosby explains how to survive in prison

video 07/06/2019

In a new advice video series by Rolling Stone, titled Ask Croz, David Crosby discussed how to survive in prison, when to fear death, and trust within relationships.

The first episode opens with Crosby's thoughts on being asked to present the series: "I think it’s very funny that anyone would ask me for advice about anything, ‘cause I’m kinda crazy. But if you do, I promise I’ll answer. I won’t guarantee you’ll like the answer," he says.

Watch the full video below.

Upon reading a letter from someone whose brother had been jailed for a drug offense, Crosby gave advice based on his time in prison. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 1983 for possession of a handgun and taking cocaine, but only served five months before being released on bail.

"Nobody is made for life on the inside. Trust me; I’ve been there. Tell him to mind his own business. A lot of people in there are looking to pick a fight, 'cause they really have nothing else to do," adding that the experience "changed my life. That's how I kicked drugs. … The worst possible way to kick drugs is in prison. They don’t give you any aspirin. They look at you and they go, 'Hey, rock star, how do you feel now?' Wasn’t any fun at all."

Replying to a 16-year-old who was suffering from "existential dread", Crosby said "fear of death at 16? You’re kidding! You can't be afraid of death at 16. When you’re 60, you can be afraid of death. I’m afraid of death. I’m 77 – at 16, you don’t get to be afraid of death. I’m sorry; you’re not qualified. I promise you, you will be later. For now, you might as well concern yourself with more fun stuff."