'Never say never', David Gilmour on Pink Floyd Reunion

News 19/06/2019

During David Gilmour's third and final episode of his podcast, he mentioned that there's a chance Pink Floyd may reunite on stage once more.

One day in the future, who knows? Never say never

15 minutes into the podcast, the interviewer asks if there's any future plans for Pink Floyd getting back together. Gilmour replies, "Yeah, the inevitable question. We don't have any plans right now; it's still Nick [Mason] and me on - I suppose you could say some sort of extended hiatus, you know. One day in the future, who knows? Never say never."

Gilmour also said soon he'll be heading back to the studio to listen to "hundreds of little bits of demos" that he had for development. "[Let's see] if I get my appetite back to start recording a proper album and do all the stuff that goes with it," he says.

Listen to the 3rd episode of the podcast below.

"Entering into that has sort of, like - for me at least - the writing, the refinement, the recording, marketing of an album and doing a tour, rehearsal, getting musicians, all that, it takes a lot of time," Gilmour expresses. "And I usually find at the end that's taken me about four years. It's a commitment, which I'm yet to make."