'The Doors: The Final Cut' Blu-ray to include 'a more powerful' ending

film 11/06/2019

In 1991, Oliver Stone released a movie called 'The Doors: The Final Cut'. Recently, the director has given the film a new edit to give the movie an extra 'oomph' ending.

Restored for a 4k Ultra Blu-ray release this 23rd July, the film will be presented in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which Stone has promised that it would offer viewers a whole new level of experience of the movie.

Watch the trailer below.

"This brand-new 4K restoration of The Doors in Dolby Atmos will provide far greater overall clarity and dimension for the audience," says Stone. "During the many concert sequences, the sound now fills the auditorium above the audience, behind it, and all points in between. I wanted the film to be as immersive as possible to a real '60s Doors experience. Additionally, I've made one cut of three minutes to a scene I thought was superfluous to the ending, which helps close out the film in a more powerful way."

"Capturing the hedonistic chaos of the late '60s, The Doors: The Final Cut follows the life and times of the band's enigmatic and magnetic frontman Jim Morrison from cradle to grave," Lionsgate Studios explained in a statement. "Stone's powerful musical portrait, featuring an amazing soundtrack including over 25 songs from the Doors' catalog, charts Morrison's turbulent relationship with his muse Pamela Courson (Meg Ryan), the formation of the band in Southern California, his experimentation with hallucinogens and the occult, and his tragic death at the age of 27 in Paris."