'Yesterday' film boosted Beatles on the music charts

News 11/07/2019

The Beatles-themed film, 'Yesterday' has expectedly provided the band with a chart boost.

The version of the title track sung by the lead actor of the film, Himesh Patel sold twice as many download copies (4,000) compared to the 1965 recording by the Fab Four (2,000). The song also achieved 2.3 million streams, which was enough to place the original song at number 14 in the Hot Rock Songs chart.

Four other songs were bumped up including 'Here Comes the Sun' at No. 9, 'Let it Be' at No. 12, 'Hey Jude' at No. 16 and 'Come Together' at No. 17.

Listen to Himesh Patel's version of 'Yesterday' below.

"The Beatles saw a 26% boost in equivalent album units, earning 54,000, according to Nielsen Music," Billboard reports. "Of that sum, 17,000 comprised traditional album sales, a 41% increase. Additionally, the band's catalogue was streamed 51.2 million times on on-demand services, up 17%, and it moved 35,000 digital downloads, a vault of 40%."

With a whopping 31% sales boost, the Beatles' compilation album, '1', moved up five ranks from No. 9 to No. 4 in the Top Rock Albums chart. The album also moved up from No. 60 to No. 43 on the main Billboard 200 chart.

Listen to Paul McCartney of the Beatles debut 'Yesterday' live in New York in the video below.