INXS guitarist Tim Farriss sues boat company over severed finger

News 31/07/2019

INXS guitarist, Tim Farriss is suing a rental boat operator after an unfortunate accident in 2015 involving a severed finger.

Farriss was sailing on a rental boat near his Sydney home when his left ring finger got caught in an electric anchor. The power of the device managed to rip off the appendage while damaging other parts of his left hand.

Farris recalled in court that he will never forget what he saw. He described his hand was covered in blood, rust and mud but he was still able to see that one of his fingers had been severed while the others were left disfigured. It was badly lacerated and it bled non-stop.

"I could see bone and tendons in several places as I gathered my ring finger into the palm of that hand and held it against the front of my chest," Farriss said. "I couldn't bring myself to look at my hand again, for fear of fainting".

Immediately, the 61-year-old guitarist was taken to a local hospital, spending over 11 hours in the operating theatre. Doctors were able to reattach his finger but it is no longer functional. The guitarist labelled the accident as a "career-ending injury".

Farris explained that he won't be able to play the guitar anymore other than "a few beginner level chords" and he is unsure if the band will ever be able to tour again. "I can't play the parts I used to play in INXS," he explained.

I will never forget what I saw next as long as I live

He alleges that the defendants had failed to give proper instruction on how to use the equipment on the rental boat and did not maintain a fully functioning anchor system. Farriss is seeking damages for medical expenses, loss of earnings and future loss of earnings as a result of his "career-ending injury".

The guitarist also said that his reattached finger is now an unsightly annoyance, and he would have it amputated if his "present condition becomes too much to bear".

The defendants, John William Axford and Jill Mary Axford of Church Point Charter have denied the claims, saying instructions were given to Farriss properly but he failed to follow them.