Photo by Larry Hulst

Jimmy Page recalls how his father reacted to his guitar playing

News 18/07/2019

In an interview with Music Radar, Jimmy Page recalled some of his earlier memories of playing the guitar while still living with his family.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist said that his father told him that he would not get in the way of his dedication to playing the guitar. "As long as you keep up your academic studies," Page remembered his father saying.

"When I left school, I left school to join a group. But I started to get a bit disillusioned with it all and I went to art college."

"The curious thing is that while I'm in art college, I'm still playing in a rhythm and blues club - which was basically a blues club, called the Marquee Club, in London - in the interval band.

"So I didn't stop playing and I got headhunted from there to play on a record."