Two Aucklanders have opened New Zealand's ONLY vinyl press

News 16/07/2019

Vinyl records may have been declared 'dead', but two Aucklanders are on a mission to change that.

Holiday Records has just started making and pressing vinyl locally for the first time in more than 30 years.

I don't want to hand my son a Spotify playlist

The central Auckland site houses the country's only vinyl press, and it's helping a new generation rediscover a classic.

"I got my father's collection in a box - I don't want to hand my son a Spotify playlist," co-founder Ben Wallace says. 

The venture is the brainchild Wallace and his mate Joel Woods.

After noticing a gap in the market, the 28-year-olds gave up their day jobs and set their sights on making vinyl records themselves.

"It has been a grind, we don't lie about that," Wallace told Newshub.

"But now that we've got the machine up and running, it's been really rewarding to get records out the door."

Made from PVC plastic shipped in specially from Italy, the duo melts it down for vinyl pressing. The machine itself was shipped over in three containers from a unique manufacturer in Toronto, Canada.

It has the capacity to make up to 800 records a day.

"We're confident we've got some good suppliers and some good people that we're working with to ensure we've got the highest quality product," Woods says.

It's early days with two batches of records made so far, but with operations only up and running for less than a month, the pair are raring to go.

"We now want to turn it into physical copies of records going out the door for bands," Wallace told Newshub.


Check out Holiday Records' online store here.

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