Listen to the new Elton John song on 'The Lion King' soundtrack

listen 12/07/2019

The highly anticipated remake of 'The Lion King' is due to reach a cinema near you and along with it comes the film sountrack.

Elton John teamed up with lyricist Tim Rice once again to record a brand new track called 'Never Too Late'. The duo first collaborated to produce the soundtrack for the original animated 1994 film and have won Oscar and Grammy awards for their contributions.

The soundtrack for the new remake features a number of re-recorded tracks of John and Rice's music by the new artists who are playing in the film. That includes Beyoncé and Donald Glover performing a duet on 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'. There's also a number of orchestral pieces by the famous composer, Hans Zimmer.

A scene from the 2019 remake of 'The Lion King'

You can stream the official film soundtrack on Spotify and Apple Music. Physical editions of the soundtrack are due for release on the 19th of July when the film officially hits cinema screens worldwide.

Listen to the soundtrack below:

Comparing the original and 2019 version of the famous scene.

'The Lion King 2019' soundtrack tracklist

  1. Circle of Life/Nants' Ingonyama – performed by Lindiwe Mkhize and Lebo M
  2. Life’s Not Fair
  3. Rafiki’s Fireflies
  4. I Just Can’t Wait to Be King – Performed by JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and John Oliver
  5. Elephant Graveyard
  6. Be Prepared (2019 Version) – Performed by Chiwetel Ejiofor
  7. Stampede
  8. Scar Takes the Throne
  9. Hakuna Matata– Performed by Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, JD McCrary, and Donald Glover
  10. Simba is Alive!
  11. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Performed by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen
  12. Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Performed by Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Billy Eichner and, Seth Rogen
  13. Reflections of Mufasa
  14. Spirit — performed by Beyoncé
  15. Battle for Pride Rock
  16. Remember
  17. Never Too Late – Performed by Elton John and Lebo M
  18. He Lives in You – Performed by Lebo M
  19. Mbube – Performed by Lebo M