The Black Keys' new album pays homage to T. Rex, Stealer Wheels and more

listen 29/07/2019

The Black Keys has recently released a new album, 'Let's Rock', after their three-long hiatus and five years since their last album, 'Turn Blue'.

The band's drummer, Patrick Carney, claims their ninth studio release is "like a homage to electric guitar". The album title comes from a 2018 Tennessean headline, that reported the first person in Tennessee to die by electric chair in eleven years simply said "let's rock" as their final words; hence the electric chair on the album artwork.

Sometimes the band takes a little too much inspiration from their influences but never overly cringe like how Greta Van Fleet is to Led Zeppelin. 

'Walk Across the Water' sounds very much like T. Rex's introduction to 'The Slider', guitar riffs, vocals and all. If you listen closely to the guitars, it's got a 'Jeepster' feel to it too.

Another track from their album, 'Sit Around and Miss You' takes inspiration from Stealer Wheel's 'Stuck in the Middle with You'. Listen below.

If you're very familiar with Steely Dan's music, you can hear some forms of it in 'Breaking Down'.

It's not their first time inching a little too close to their influences. Their 2010 track, 'Everlasting Light', samples a bassline from T. Rex's 'Mambo Sun'. The Black Keys also paid tribute to Howlin' Wolf in 'Howlin' For You', taken from the same album. Even the album artwork was a tribute to Howlin' Wolf's psychedelic album, 'The Howlin' Wolf Album'.

'Weight of Love' from their 'Turn Blue' album sounds eerily close to Pink Floyd's 'Breathe'.

'Let's Rock' album peaked at number 5 for a week on New Zealand music charts.