'Famous' pictures of Woodstock festival that weren't taken there

music news 16/08/2019

Upon the 50th anniversary of Woodstock Festival this week, you may be seeing many 'iconic' pictures of the festival across the internet. But many of these pictures weren't even taken at Woodstock, or even the same year. 

Here are 5 photos that are commonly shared as 'Woodstock photos', and when and where they were actually taken:

  1. This was an advertisement for the clothing company Landlubber, 1971
  2. This photograph was taken by Leonard Freed Powder Ridge Music Festival, Conneticut in 1970. 
  3. This was taken at Park concert, University of Pennsylvania, PA, 1971. Photograph by David Fenton
  4. This famous image was actually taken at Kralingen Pop Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 1970. Photograph by Herbert Behrens
  5. Summer of Love, 1967, Hyde Park, London, UK. Photograph by David Graves

All great photos, but just a reminder to not believe everything you read.