Brian Johnson talks about his writer's block while writing AC/DC's 'Back In Black' album

watch 02/09/2019

AC/DC's frontman recently sat down for an in-depth discussion with AXS TV's Dan Rather, during which he discussed getting writer's block while writing the landmark album 'Back in Black' in the Bahamas.

Feeling completely lost for ideas, Johnson sat down for breakfast with legendary producer Robert John 'Mutt' Lange. During their chat, a tropical storm rolled in, which jolted Johnson's creativity and planted the seeds for what would become one of AC/DC's most famous hits: 'Hells Bells'.

"Mutt went, 'Oh, it's rolling thunder!' And I went, 'Rolling thunder, pouring rain, coming on like a hurricane. There's white lightning flashing,'" Johnson explained. "I mean I literally was giving a weather report,"

"When great things are happening so quickly, you never realize, do you? It's so fabulous. It just looks so easy. When you try to do it again, it never works!"

Watch the clip above.