Photo by Jason Kempin

LISTEN: NBC teases Joan Jett's new SNF theme song

watch 27/08/2019

NBC has released a teaser video of their new theme song for Sunday Night Football - another fresh take on Joan Jett's 'I'll Hate Myself for Loving You'.

This time, the song features Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as well as country singer Carrie Underwood singing 'Waiting All Day for Sunday Night' instead of 'I Hate Myself for Loving You'. The earlier reworked version that only featured Underwood's vocals was used as the theme song from 2013 - 2015.

Watch the video below.

SNF's executive producer, Fred Gaudelli, has tried to persuade Jett many times to record her own version of the reworked SNF song but she kept refusing. Jett finally agreed this time for the league's 100th season.

Upon the announcement of their collaboration, Underwood expressed that she has always been "a huge fan of Joan's". She said, "What better way to pay homage to the original SNF opening song than by getting to play with her on prime time's biggest stage?"

"To me, now, it sounds so different when I hear it on Football," she said. "I don't really hear that it's the same song anymore. But it has made some sort of impact – people do know that it's our song. So I think that's pretty cool." Jett continued, "I'm just glad I don't have to sing the new versions. I'd probably end up singing the football version onstage by accident."

The full version of the new 'Waiting All Day for Sunday Night' will be heard on 7th Sept before the Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots game kicks off.