Neil Young announces new album 'Colorado' with Crazy Horse

News 29/08/2019

Following the launch of the lead track 'Rainbow of Colors', Neil Young announced that his first album with Crazy Horse since 2012's 'Psychedelic Pill' will arrive in October. 

The album will feature a total of 10 tracks, ranging in length from three to 13 minutes. A documentary creation titled 'Mountaintop Sessions' will be released alongside it. 

"Billy [Talbot], Ralphie [Molina], Nils [Lofgren] and I are all very happy to bring this song 'Rainbow of Colors' to you in all its ragged glory, as my original producer and lifelong friend, the late David Briggs once said, we hope you love this new album as much as we do," Young said on his website. 

He described the documentary as "a wild one, folks, no holds barred. ... You will see the whole process just as it went down! Warts and all! I don’t think a film about this subject with the openness and intensity we have captured has ever been seen."

Young also noted that 'Colorado' will be released in double vinyl, along with a bonus single featuring two additional tracks, along with standard formats. Despite originally planning to tour in support of the LP, he recently reported other projects needed his attention.

"We will be in the editing suites for the duration of 2019, putting some parts of this together for you. Thanks for coming to our shows! We plan to be back in 2020!"

Young and Crazy Horse got back together last year for a run of shows, with Lofgren taking over from Frank 'Poncho' Sampedro, who decided that he didn't want to return to the road.

"I’m 70 and I’m retired now, and want to stay home," Sampedro explained. Asked if that meant he was no longer a part of the band, he replied, "I don’t think of it that way. I’m as big a part of Crazy Horse as anyone that’s ever been in it."