RARE Woodstock photos resurfaced 50 years later

Pics 14/08/2019

While the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin were on stage, photographer Mark Goff was taking photos behind the scenes, images that no one had seen until today.

At the time, Goff was only 22 years old and he took hundreds of pictures while he was working for an underground paper. Some of those photos were published but all the other negatives were stored away at his Milwaukee home.

He barely mentioned it as he grew up raising two daughters, switched careers and died of cancer just last November.

Janis Joplin

Thanks to artist Nick Clemente, Goffs photos are now being showcased 50 years later. 

"Seeing these photos is a really interesting way to see who he was outside of being our father," said 34-year-old Alli Goff.

"Because that's the only way we really know him." she explained.

My whole life was associated with my dad carrying a camera.

"And he would kind of complain, 'It was raining a lot.' Still, some of his Woodstock images are in circulation. He posted 20 of his festival shots on Facebook as Woodstock's 40th anniversary loomed in 2009.

Goff died of pancreatic cancer at age 71 after Clemente began his search for him. Clemente wanted to use an unattributed image of Swami Satchidanada on the Woodstock stage for a poster but it took a long time to find out who shot the photograph.

By the time he was able to find the photographer's name online, he found out that Goff had passed. He then reached out to his daughters who shipped hundreds of negatives for scanning to Clemente.

Clemente printed roughly 70 photos and listed them for sale at different galleries across Hudson Valley this month.

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Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead
Self portrait of photographer, Mark Goff.
Mark Goff