Roger McGuinn shuts down Byrds reunion idea by David Crosby again

News 07/08/2019

David Crosby once again has asked his ex-Byrds bandmate, Roger McGuinn for a quick reunion over the weekend on social media.

Crosby posted on Twitter asking, "Want to do a couple of Byrds dates? I'll just sing harmony. No talking?"

McGuinn did not directly respond to the tweet, but a representative did when reached out for a comment. "Neither Roger or Chris entertain the idea of a Byrds reunion," McGuinn's rep wrote. "Roger was just tired of David crying about being hated. DC is not hated, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to work with him."

The conversation started when McGuinn tweeted to Crosby in disappointment as Crosby had unfairly lumped him together with Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash as "ex-bandmates who won't even talk to me" and "hate my guts" in his new documentary, 'David Crosby: Remember My Name".

"... you're saying I won't talk to you and hate you," McGuinn tweeted. "That's just not true!" Crosby responded, "Thanks, Roger. Must have mixed you up with those other guys."

Although the duo had a strained relationship over the years, McGuinn filmed a new interview for Crosby's documentary and they both communicate regularly, at least publicly on Twitter.

The very last time the surviving members of the Byrds performed together was at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium just 19 years ago. Since then, Crosby has been very vocal about wanting to reform the band again.

However, McGuinn has once said that he's happy with the Byrds "as a good memory". He told Rolling Stone magazine, "David and I have talked about this at length, and to me a reunion would just be for the money. We'd go out and play some sheds, maybe gross a couple of million dollars and split it four or five ways. I'm not attracted to expensive things. I don't need a Ferrari or anything like that."

Contrary to what McGuinn said, he and Chris Hillman celebrated the 50th anniversary of the band's 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' with a tour. The country rock album was recorded just shortly after Crosby was dismissed from the band. However, the tour featured a number of songs that were from Crosby's time like 'Mr Tambourine Man'. You can watch the footage of the song above featuring Bob Dylan.

He was always invited to come see it — still is, if he wants to.

Although not billed as The Byrds, Crosby was really upset when he found out that they excluded him. Hillman told Billboard that Crosby wrote to Roger saying "I feel really hurt'. Hillman explained, "... immediately we both wrote him back separately, and said, 'No, no no, this is the 'Sweetheart' album. It's not a Byrds reunion. We're just doing this album from 50 years ago that you were not involved in.' He was always invited to come see it — still is, if he wants to. I care about David a lot. He's a mischievous little bad boy, still, but I do love him dearly."

After echoing Hillman's sentiments, McGuinn went back to saying a full Byrds tour is not what he wants. "I really don’t want to," McGuinn said. "I kind of cringe at these old groups that get back together just for the money."

In the meantime, David Crosby recently played a free show at New York's Lincoln Center as part of his 'Skytrails' tour.