Watch the trailer to the new Suzi Quatro documentary, 'Suzi Q'

watch 14/08/2019

A trailer for an upcoming Suzi Quatro documentary titled 'Suzi Q' has been released.

The docu-film covers five decades of Quatro's career as a UK-based vocalist, bassist and songwriter who broke through into the predominantly male orientated rock industry.

Quatro was the first female rocker to break into the mainstream in the '70s. Watch the 'Suzi Q' trailer below.

'Suzi Q' will feature interviews with many female artists including Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Debbie Harry, Cherie Currie, Tina Weymouth, KT Tunstall, Alice Cooper and many of Quatro's family members.

Scheduled to be released this 11th October, the film attempts to readdress her influence and "introduce her to ta new generation".