'Jessie's Girl' started off as 'Gary's Girl' says Rick Springfield

News 30/09/2019

Rick Springfield recently revealed the origins of his classic song 'Jessie's Girl', explaining that hadn't always been the title. It started off as 'Gary's Girl', the became 'Randy's Girl' before being given it's final title. 

Speaking of the 1981 song, which appeared on his hit album 'Working Class Dog', he said it was inspired by a real-life experience in which he was interested in a woman who didn't want to know him.

"I started going to this stained-glass place in Pasadena. And the reason I kept going was because there was this girl there that was burning hot. And she had a boyfriend, his name was Gary, and she didn't want anything to do with me. So I took my sexual angst home and wrote a song about her," said Springfield.

Springfield recalled that he "tried 'Gary's Girl,' but it didn't ring. I actually had this original lyric sheet, and I changed it to 'Randy's Girl.' I'd actually started writing 'Randy is a friend,' and halfway through that line I thought, 'You know what? No.' So this name Jessie popped up in my head. I loved it. I went full tilt on the writing and recording thing."