John Fogerty recalls coming up with 'Green River' when he was just 8 years old

News 23/09/2019

The original idea for the Creedence Clearwater Revival song 'Green River' came to John Fogerty long before he could even play an instrument. 

Fogerty wasn't inspired by a long, tinted body of water, but instead by the popular lime-flavoured soda of the time - at one point it was the second most popular soft drink behind Coca-Cola in soda fountains across the States. 

I got the idea when I was eight.

"There was a little pharmacy, a little drug store out at the end of my street, and they had a little soda fountain in there. Eventually, when I got in high school, a lot of my high school friends would come over there and have a sandwich and a Cherry Coke or whatever… But one of the fizzy drinks they could make for you was Green River. They had a little picture – kinda, now, looking back, it looked kinda like the label on Sun records," recalled Foggerty.

"I just stared at that thing… 'I gotta save that'. I wasn’t really sure why, a song title or what. I was only eight, I wasn’t playing yet – but I think I was speaking about songs."

Green River was the title track of the 1969 album of the same name, the second of three LPs CCR released that year. The single reached No. 2 and helped the album hit the top spot, along with another No. 2 success, 'Bad Moon Rising'.