Bob Seger (left), Alice Cooper (right)

LISTEN: Alice Cooper covers Bob Seger's 'East Side Story'

cover 11/09/2019

Alice Cooper has released his own rendition of Bob Seger's song, East Side Story.

Listen to the cover below.

The original '66 song was Seger's first single with the Last Heard and paved the way for his solo career. Coop has released a cover of the song as part of his upcoming Breadcrumbs LP that promised a nod to Detroit rock. Available for pre-order now, the LP is due out this Friday the 13th. See the full tracklist at the bottom of the page.

Cooper admitted that he had never heard of Seger's 'East Side Story' back in the day. Instead, one of his managers, Toby Mamis, and designer John Varvatos suggested the regional hit song and showed Cooper and Ezrin to a video of Seger performing the song on a Canadian show, Swingin' Time.

"(Ezrin) and I saw that (video) and went, 'We could jazz that song up a little bit and turn it into something else.' It has a great story and I love the chord structure and everything to it," Coop said. "We just treated it a little more hard rock."

Cooper had the opportunity to tell Seger about his cover recording when the pair met in Arizona while touring. "... he probably thought I wanted to do one of the hits," Cooper guessed. "I told him, 'East Side Story,' and he goes, 'What?!' I said, 'Yeah, we're gonna do that one.' I hope he likes it. I'm glad we gave it a second life."

Listen to Seger's original version below.

"When people say, 'Well, what is your music?' I say it's Detroit rock - we just put a different slant on it," says Coop, a Detroit native who moved to Phoenix in his teens. "At the bottom of it, all Alice Cooper records are Detroit, Chuck Berry, hard rock and then twisting it up into what we are lyrically and performance-wise."

Cooper explained that all of these Detroit songs are "guitar-driven rock n' roll songs" which is what he describes as "the Detroit sound".

"I wanted to use all Detroit players and songs either about Detroit or written by (Detroit musicians)," he explained.

Alice Cooper will be returning to New Zealand shores this Summer 2020, see the full tour details here.

Alice Cooper - Breadcrumbs Tracklist

  1. Detroit City 2020
  2. Go Man Go
  3. East Side Story
  4. Your Mama Won't Like Me
  5. Devil With a Blue Dress /"Chains of Love
  6. Sister Anne