Courtesy of Fred Stein Archive

Robert Frank, photographer for 'Exile on Main St.' album cover dies at age 94

News 11/09/2019

Famed photographer, Robert Frank, who worked with the Rolling Stones has died at the age of 94.

The New York Times has reported that Frank has passed away yesterday at Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, where he had a summer home.

The Zurich-born photographer studied graphic design and photography before moving to New York shortly after World War II. He started shooting for a number of major magazines and travelled the world to build his portfolio.

His most famous work is the 1958 collection called 'The Americans'. The photos showed the gross segregation that was far from the 'American Dream' optimism that was frequently associated with the States in the '50s.

It was his work that drew the attention of the Rolling Stones to hire Frank, who had moved onto filmmaking. He took the photos of their '72 album cover and made a documentary of their tour that year, titled 'Cocksucker Blues'.

The documentary showed the band on a rampant of sex and drugs. Later, the Stones sued to stop the release in fear of commercial repurcussions but Frank and the band came to an agreement that the film can be screened only when Frank is present and has a limit of four screenings a year.

Frank also directed videos for New Order's 'Run' in 1989 and Patti Smith's 'Summer Cannibals' in 1996.