Bruce Springsteen says his first gig went very wrong after playing five songs

News 24/10/2019

Bruce Springsteen recalled how one of his earliest gigs as a signed musician went horribly wrong.

Springsteen had just completed his debut LP, Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J., and was opening for comedy standup duo, Cheech & Chong in Pennsylvania on 28th October 1972.

Watch the full interview below where he talked about his Western Stars concert film.

"People forget, but Cheech & Chong were huge, huge at the time," the Boss told Jimmy Kimmel in an extended TV interview. "The first gig I ever did when I had my first record out was opening for Cheech & Chong in a small college in Pennsylvania. And we came out, we played about five songs. I thought it was going really good. I was sitting at the piano and somebody tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'That's enough.' That was it!"

A fansite noted that Bruce and his band were last-minute additions to the show's itinerary. "Soon after Springsteen began his performance, a dispute erupted backstage with Cheech & Chong's management, who apparently were upset they had not been informed a third act had been booked," the fansite wrote. "The end result was that Springsteen was forced to end his set prematurely, after only about six songs."

They also stated that the show is currently "the earliest known public performance of the E Street Band."