Bruce Springsteen shares 'Sundown' performance from 'Western Stars' concert film

Watch 08/10/2019

Bruce Springsteen has released a video performance of 'Sundown', taken from his upcoming concert film, 'Western Stars'.

The film features a one-off, full-length orchestral performance of his latest album of the same name. You can watch 'Sundown' below before the concert film hits the cinemas this 19th October.

"We knew we weren't going to tour," Springsteen explained. "I was looking for a way to get some of the music life to an audience … so we figured that was the best way to do it."

Earlier this year, Springsteen admitted that he was nervous around what his fans would think of 'Western Stars'. "But just walking around and talking to the fans on the street and seeing how the record was received was very exciting," he said.