Limited edition Jimi Hendrix artworks for sale

News 04/11/2019

The Jimi Hendrix estate has announced a new collaboration with StraxArt, bringing a range of limited-edition artworks from the music legend to the market.

The Jimi Hendrix Collection will offer an assortment of high-quality reproductions of paintings and lyrics created by the late guitar icon, along with photographs and album covers. In a statement, StraxArt noted that the releases are designed to "spotlight Hendrix as the multi-dimensional artist he truly was."

"Jimi’s versatility and array of artistic talent was part of what made him so amazing. His gift was so enormous that it expanded into a surprising range of art forms. Together with StraxArt, we have produced a beautiful collection that represents the many dimensions of Jimi’s artistry. We’re excited to offer these exclusive pieces, designed with those who love Jimi in mind," said Janie Hendrix, CEO of the family companies.

Each StraxArt item comes with a certificate of authenticity, a reproduction Hendrix signature and an Authentic Hendrix seal. In addition to the launch items, further offerings will follow, along with "select live events fulfilling the mission to make the art of Jimi Hendrix accessible to millions of fans worldwide."

You can view the artwork currently available at the Hendrix Collection website.

Here is a selection of some of the items on sale: