Make your own vinyl records with this $1900 machine

DIY 30/10/2019

Technology truly is amazing - you can now buy a machine that lets you cut your own 10" vinyl records instantly!

The Phonocut, which will set you back about $1,900 NZD, is expected to be released in December 2020, but it's already available for pre-order now. 

Co-creator Florian 'Doc' Kaps said that simplicity was at the core of the machine's operation:

"It has to be idiot-proof. Even I myself should be in a position to cut the records. ... Digital has a big problem … it’s not real. You can very easily access it, but you only can see it or you can hear it. You can never lick it, you cannot smell it and you can’t touch it. We human beings do have these five senses. And at the end of the day, we need all these five senses to fall in love, to feel happy, to build trust," he said.

The Phonocut aims to solve that problem by allowing users to cut their own records in real time. They can feed music to the 8kg lathe while playing it; a diamond stylus will etch the sound wave onto the disc, with around 15 minutes of playing time on each side.

Kaps said he hoped the machine would contribute to the increase in vinyl interest over recent years. "People love records, but they don’t know anything about how they are produced. We have to inspire them to think about it and raise their awareness for the possibilities of what they can do with it,"

When people are making these records, it’s about the meaning of them, the emotional process

"When people are making these records, it’s about the meaning of them, the emotional process," said co-creator Flo KamranV, who suggested one use could be making custom 'mixtapes' for friends.

"It was the idea of making it and then taping it in real time and giving it to someone. That's the same emotion that we dream of this machine bringing for others."

Kaps insisted the Phonocut project wasn’t an artistic endeavor: "We really want to change the world of the music industry and offer a new option. It will never replace streaming or anything, but it will inspire people to create real beautiful, tangible pieces of music again."

You can back the Kickstarter project to help the company's dream along by having a look at all the details here