Original Alice Cooper Band to appear on new AC album

News 29/11/2019

Alice Cooper has shared news that his upcoming album will feature all of the surviving members of the original Alice Cooper band.

In a new interview with Consequence of Sound's Kyle Meredith, Cooper has confirmed the "bed tracks" for the new record are done. "We did them all in Detroit, and now we're going to be doing the vocals in Phoenix, just because I'm between tours at the time and I've got some days off in Phoenix," he explained. "I said, 'I really have to be home for a few days, so let's do the vocals in Phoenix instead of going back to Detroit for the vocals.' The essence of the songs are all done, ready to go."

Cooper had just released a new LP in September, titled Breadcrumbs. The album included many covers with a "Detroit sound". "It's always been like that — it's just always been the hard rock capital of the United States... I still feel that when I go Detroit, it still has the same feel. Rock bands are rock bands there."

That was the whole idea — Breadcrumbs was sort of, like, leading you into the next album.

According to Coop, the O.G. (Original guys) band will be playing on this new record. "There's two or three songs that we wrote with the original guys, and they're pure Detroit... We're probably more Detroit than we are L.A. or Phoenix or anyplace else."

"We go to a lot of places that we wouldn’t normally go, because we’re working with writers that we normally don’t work with, and I kind of like that," Coop explained. "I like breaking out of the mode where an Alice Cooper albums sounds like an Alice Cooper album. This will sound like an Alice Cooper album, but it will definitely have a lot of different flavors in it that we don’t normally go to."

Alice Cooper is due to perform two shows this Summer 2020 in New Zealand. You can see the full details here.