Joe Walsh says he channeled George Harrison for John Lennon song

music news 11/11/2019

Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh said he was delighted with his part in 'Grow Old With Me', the John Lennon song he featured on for Ringo Starr's new album, What's My Name.

The song also features Paul McCartney on bass, with a string backing taken from a George Harrison composition, making the song a sort of Beatles reunion. 

Walsh, who is also Starr's brother-in-law, admitted he was a bit uncertain as to how to approach the session, saying in an interview:

"Oh boy, that was great. It sounds just like the Beatles. At first I didn’t know what to do, but I think I really nailed it, and I’m so proud of it. I just thought, 'What would George do?' And went with that. It’s a real honor and privilege to be on a song like that."

You can listen to the song above. 

In the same interview, reflecting on the experience of Eagles performing their classic album Hotel California in full, accompanied by an orchestra and choir, Walsh said: 

"There’s stuff on that album we never played. We had to go back and figure 'em out, and it was a lot of work. I had to go back and really study, so playing the whole thing live really took some focus, and somehow we tamed the orchestra so it doesn’t overwhelm the show – it enhances it."

He added that "when I got a chance to finally just sit back and be part of it and hear the orchestra behind us, I got emotional."

The full-album show, which was originally presented during a limited Las Vegas residency, hits the road for a series of dates next year.