LISTEN: U2 released a new single!

New 22/11/2019

Earlier today on The Morning Sound with Nik Brown, we played a new U2 single titled Ahimsa.

You can re-listen to the track below.

The cover image of the track features hand-written lyrics by frontman Bono himself.

During a press tour for their newly announced Indian date for their ongoing tour, Bono explained, "We were shaped and formed by Martin Luther King, Jr, who was a student of Mahatma Gandhi… So, we come as students to the source of inspiration that is Ahimsa, non-violence." 

"Indians gave us this. It is the greatest gift to the world. You gave it to us. It's more powerful than nuclear energy. It's more powerful than the armies and the navies of the British empire," he said.

Although the song is credited to U2, on some digital storefronts, the cover art itself credits U2 + AR Rahman, who is a multi-award-winning music producer, singer and songwriter. He has won awards at the Oscars, Grammy's, BAFTA, and Golden Globes for his incredible work on the soundtrack for Slumdog Millionaire

The song kicks off with an ethereal introduction, followed by a pre-chorus sung in a South Indian dialect by Khatija and Raheema Rahman, both who are Rahman's daughters. Bono takes the lead on vocals while Rahman joins him in the very last chorus.

In the lyrics to the song, there's a line where Bono sings, "I'll meet you where there is no sleeping, But we wake up to dream," which is a reference to a song listed in the band's demos section, Wake Up and Dream. The song may have been in development for almost nine years.