Credit: Gerald Scarfe

Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' artist, Gerald Scarfe, is selling his collection

Art 15/11/2019

Artist Gerald Scarfe has announced that he will be selling thousands of pieces of memorabilia from one of his proudest work for the 1982 film, Pink Floyd - The Wall.

The press release describes it as "one of the most valuable collections of rock and roll artwork to ever be offered for sale."

Exclusively for sale at the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE), the 83-year-old artist had agreed to put his entire collection available for sale, wishing for it all to "go into the hands of those that love it".

It is unsure if the decision was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of 'The Wall' that was released at the end of November in 1979.

The art collection includes original Scarfe paintings that feature iconic looks from 'The Wall' movie such as The Marching Hammers, The Teacher, The Flowers, The Giant Judge, The Prosecuting Attorney as well as the storyboard of the film and a series of imagery that appeared in the said film.

Original 'The Wall' storyboard. Credit: Gerald Scarfe

It will also include preliminary conceptual drawings and storyboards for the lead characters and scene sequences. The collection also features collectable items and documents from the film - Pink masks worn by the children, the eagle aeroplane model, sculpted and painted models of the key characters and many more.

"This is my personal collection," Scarfe says. "It is a time capsule; a treasure trove which tells the history of the making of Pink Floyd – The Wall from start to finish – from album to film. I kept notes, preliminary drawings, backstage passes, props, awards, photographs and cels."

"Also, original first drawings by Roger [Waters] and me of the iconic album cover, annotated scripts, storyboards and so on, together with my unpublished written notes about the band itself and many large watercolour and oil paintings I made for the animated sequences and design of the live action film sets," Scarfe details the collection.

See more of the collection here.