WATCH: Motley Crue blow up 'Cessation of Touring Agreement'

video 21/11/2019

Mötley Crüe is BACK! 

The band released a video this week announcing their upcoming reunion by destroying their infamous 'Cessation of Touring Agreement'. The video doesn't feature the band themselves, but Machine Gun Kelly (who portrayed Tommy Lee in the movie adaption of 'The Dirt') announcing that they're blowing up their contract because fans demanded a reformation. You can watch it below. 

Specific dates are yet to be announced, but the video was in combination with an announcement that Mötley Crüe will be kicking off a US stadium tour in 2020 along with Poison and Def Leppard. 

"I never thought I would see the day when this would become a reality," Kelly says in a press release. "But the fans spoke and Mötley Crüe listened!" The video shows this supposed legal document bursting into flames on a desk.

Mötley Crüe played 158 shows on their 2014-15 Final Tour, wrapping up with a hometown show at the Forum in Los Angeles on December 31st, 2015. Prior to the tour, the band claimed to sign a "cessation of touring agreement," which they said was a binding document that would prohibit them from ever playing again after the tour ended. At the time, the group's management failed to produce this alleged document despite repeated requests.

"Legally, we can’t play again," said bassist Nikki Sixx backstage at a 2014 show in Denver. "The only loophole is if all four band members agreed to do it, we could override our own contract. But we know that will never happen. There are people in this band who will refuse to ever do it again, and you're talking to one of them. There is no amount of money that would ever make me do it again because I have such pride in how we’re ending it."

"If anybody ever — and I don't believe anybody ever would — would call any other band members and say, 'Hey, it's been 10 years, let's just do 10 shows. A million a pop,' it could never happen unless all four band members agreed. And if we did agree, the way we've set it up — including this conversation right now — we'd have so much egg on our face. We have so much pride that that alone would stop it."

In February this year, Sixx reiterated that the group had no plans to reform even as he expressed doubts about the decision: "Sometimes I look out at my friends, like the guys in Aerosmith and Metallica, and I'm like, 'Goddamn it, did we retire too soon?' But there will be no one-offs in our future. Maybe we’ll just get together and jam in Mick Mars' front room."