WATCH: Ginger Baker's final studio sessions released

live 18/11/2019

Prior to ex-Cream drummer, Ginger Baker's death, he was recording a tribute album, Cream Acoustic, based on '60s Cream material.

Watch part of his drumming for 'Sweet Wine' in the video below.

The idea was conceived by Cream lyricist Pete Brown and the QVR record label and is due for release in video and audio formats early 2020.

The LP also features guests like Jack Bruce's son, Malcolm, Joe Bonamassa, Bernie Marsden, Maggie Bell and many more.

Following Baker's death, his son Kori revealed that the father and son managed to repair their relationship in the last days of his life.

"I used to say to my girlfriend, 'When he dies, I'm going to feel nothing,'" Kofi explained. "I really didn't think I'd feel anything. The asshole had to open up to me right before he died. I think if he'd stayed an asshole to me, maybe it would be easier. But I didn't think it would affect me the way it affected me.

"… I said to him, 'Hey, I'm learning Blue Condition, and I'm doing your stuff. … Dad, I'm carrying on. I'm keeping everything you taught me, all the secrets and everything. I'm going to keep it going as well as I can now.' And he just smiled, and it was just amazing. 

Kofi thinks that his dad knew his time was almost up and "he relaxed at the fact that he could be himself. He just dropped that hard exterior. … Underneath all that temper and stuff, I thought he was a really loving person."