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David Byrne shuts down Talking Heads reunion rumour

News 16/12/2019

David Byrne shuts down fans' hopes when a Talking Heads reunion rumour was circulating on Instagram.

The rumours began after an account named @talkingheadsofficial was created on Instagram. There are no posts on the account, and the description says it's the official account for Talking Heads and has a link to the band's merchandise store.

The account gained over 19,000 (and counting) in less than a week.

"I have never heard of this, I don't know what it is or who is doing it, so clearly it can't be an 'official' Talking Heads account," Byrne told Rolling Stone. "Whatever plans others in the band may have is strictly their own business, and I wish them well."

We are all currently happily working on our own projects...

Talking Heads' ex-bassist and ex-drummer, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz also denied any involvement but confirmed that the account was launched by the band's former keyboardist and guitarist, Jerry Harrison.

"We were made aware of the Instagram account a few days ago, as it was brought to life by someone who works with Jerry," Weymouth and Frantz said. "We have not even talked about this internally yet. We are all currently happily working on our own projects, and there are no plans for a Talking Heads reunion."

Variety reports that Harrison's management had set up the account to promote his upcoming tour that marks the 40th anniversary of his former band's Remain in Light album. The tour will also feature guitarist Adrian Belew who played on the original sessions.

Byrne explained last year that he is not interested in a reunion. "I see what happens with other people when they do their reunions – and then it turns into a second reunion and a third reunion. With someone like the Pixies, it's different: They're getting the audience now that they deserved ages ago. But with a lot of them, it just seems like you don't have anything new to say, and you go, 'Okay, this is just some kind of nostalgia exercise.' And I'm not interested in that."