Huey Lewis & the News announce new album, 'Weather'

New 13/12/2019

Huey Lewis & the News will be releasing their new album, 'Weather' this coming Valentine's Day on 14th February 2020.

'Weather' marks the band's first original album since their 2001 Plan B. You can listen to their new single below, "While We're Young".

Previously, the band released the first single of the album titled 'Her Love is Killin' Me'. You can listen to that song here.

"We were in no hurry with these songs," Lewis explained. "The more we road-tested them, the tighter they got, and I think we ended up with some of our best work."

Huey Lewis & the News, 'Weather' Tracklist

  1. While We're Young
  2. Her Love Is Killin' Me
  3. I Am There for You
  4. Hurry Back Baby
  5. Remind Me Why I Love You Again
  6. Pretty Girls Everywhere
  7. One of the Boys