Led Zeppelin x Hot Wheels collection announced!

shopping 09/12/2019

Led Zeppelin has announced a five-set collectible die-cast vehicles, a collaboration with Hot Wheels as part of their Pop Culture Collection.

'Haulin' Gas' is a late '60s tour bus in black and silver, featuring the iconic Hindenburg disaster from the band's debut album cover.

'Super Van' resembles Hot Wheel's old-school Real Riders, with the band's name in pink font with smoke decals from Led Zeppelin II album cover. The rear is also emblazoned with the LP nickname, 'The Brown Bomber' and a vanity license plate that reads 'LOTALUV', an obvious reference to 'Whole Lotta Love'.

'Combat Medic' is a white van featuring the artwork from the band's third self-titled album on both sides.

The fourth collectible, '67 Austin Mini Van' features the iconic untitled fourth album, gold painted with black cityscape decals on both side. The top panel of the car features the four symbols that represents each bandmember.

'Hiway Hauler' marks the last entry of the collection and focuses on Led Zeppelin's 1975 North American tour. Both sides of the touring truck with the American flag on each side with the Swan Song logo. The fuel tanks also include a distinctive details of all the cities that the band had played in.

The collection is due to be released later this month.