Paul McCartney reveals he's recorded a 'secret' Christmas album

News 16/12/2019

Paul McCartney has revealed he's recorded a festive album, but don't get your hopes up on hearing it any time soon! 

The former Beatles icon has said chances of fans ever getting to hear the Christmas album are pretty slim, as he created it "just for the family".

McCartney was speaking with BBC Radio 4's World At One when he said the material takes the form of Christmas carol instrumentals:

"Years ago, I thought, 'There's not very good Christmas records,' so I actually went into my studio over a couple of years, and I made one."

"But it's just for the family. It gets brought out each year, I've just got a little demo of it, but the kids like it. It's kind of traditional – it's something they've heard through the years, and now it's the grandkids getting indoctrinated with my carols record."

In other McCartney news, it was announced this week that Paul McCartney's kids book High in the Clouds will be adapted into an animated Netflix movie.