Paul Rodgers chats with AC/DC's Brian Johnson about Bad Company’s early days

News 20/12/2019

The latest episode of Brian Johnson's Life On The Road features the AC/DC frontman in conversation with Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers. 

In the episode, Rodgers talks about starting Bad Company with guitarist Mick Ralphs, and their search for a manager. 

"We decided we needed strong management, so I said to myself, 'Well, the biggest band in world is Led Zeppelin. Who manages them?' So I got in touch with Peter Grant – I can’t believe I did that, and I said, 'I come with a band, Peter and we call ourselves Bad Company'. He goes, 'Oh, Bad Company? I don’t know about that!'" Rodgers said.

He said Grant agreed to come and see them rehearse in a village hall in Surrey, but Grant didn't show up. Just as they were packing away their gear though, Grant walked in and said "I was listening outside - I like what you guys do."

"That’s the way he was, he was a very mysterious man, but he decided he was going to take us on," said Rodgers. 

And rather than sign a contract right there and then, the deal was sealed with a handshake.