WATCH: Eric Clapton joins Hawkwind for eight songs during UK show

live 09/01/2020

Hawkwind had a special guest join them during their show in Guildford, England as part of their 50th anniversary tour in late November 2019. 

Eric Clapton joined the space-rock band on stage during 'The Watcher', a 1972 track written by future Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister before he split with Hawkwind. 

Clapton hung around for the rest of the main set and full encore, playing on seven additional songs: 1970's 'Hurry on Sundown', 1971's 'Silver Machine' and 'Master of the Universe', 1973's 'Welcome to the Future', 1975's 'Assault and Battery' and 'The Golden Void' and 1992's 'Right to Decide'. You can watch all the performances in the videos below.

Eric Clapton is a longtime friend of singer-guitartist Dave Brock, Hawkwind's lone original member. The pair often played guitar together during their pre-fame teenage years in the early 1960s. 

"It would’ve been about ’63 or ’64 – quite early on," Brock said in a recent interview. "We used to sit around plonking away on guitars. We used to hang out in Richmond because it was a really nice place, and go down Eel Pie Island and meet up in L’Auberge coffee bar. Eric lived in Cobham in Surrey, which isn’t far from there. That’s where everybody used to hang out. We used to sit there and play guitar and swap around — each one of us would have a go. We used to sit in Richmond Park, drinking cider and smoking marijuana."

"I used to play blues guitar and Eric didn't have a guitar. We used to sit there and I would show a few chords to him, 'off you go' and then [later] he'd have his guitar, we used to sit there playing together. I've got some photographs from then."

Brock has led Hawkwing across 32 LPs and several live releases, with the band's most recent effort All Aboard the Skylark arriving in October 2019.