WATCH: David Bowie-inspired 'Speed of Life' film trailer released!

film 10/12/2019

"In 2016, David Bowie's death creates a rift in time and space."

Filmmakers have released a new trailer for 'Speed of Life', a new film that focuses on how David Bowie's sudden passing affected a couple's life.

Named after the Bowie's opening track of his 1977 Low album, the synopsis from the movie screening at Atlanta Film Festival earlier writes, "June and Edward are in the midst of an argument when Edward suddenly falls into the wormhole created by Bowie's death, vanishing without a trace. In 2040, June continues to mourn the loss of Edward while facing the dark reality of her approaching 60th birthday, when she will be locked away along with the rest of her society's senior citizens. Unwilling to disappear, June begins to plan her escape when Edward suddenly reappears in her life. June has spent 24 years without Edward, but for Edward it has been mere moments.

Written and directed by Liz Manashil, you can watch the trailer to 'Speed of Life' below.

The film will be released on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and other streaming services this 10th January, on the fourth anniversary of Bowie's death.