The Sound A to Z with Suzuki

Tune in now to The Sound A to Z.

We’ll move alphabetically through our massive music library and play over 2,000 tracks for more than a week, with no repeats.

We’re cracking into the archives to find the tracks you haven't heard for a while. And don’t worry, we’ll pause the A to Z every midnight so when you knock off, we do too.

We’ll be starting back up at 6am every morning so you can keep on guessing which song will be next from the moment when you wake up.

From Call Me to Cuts Like a Knife... Radar Love to Rust In My Car.

Working our way through the alphabet song by song, A to Z.
Brought to you by Suzuki - the world's Ultimate Four Stroke Outboard, on The Sound.

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A - B
Andrew Mckenzie

B - C
Kev Skinner

C - D
Garth Robinson

D - E
Grant Clegg

E - F
Mark Harris

F - G
Janice Ashton-Smith

G - H
Victoria Martin

H - I
Alana Hammar

I - J
Katrina Louisson

How we alphabetise The Sound's A-Z

  • Songs that start with ‘A’ have been placed in the letter of the first full word in the title e.g. ‘A Face In The Crowd’ is under ‘F’.
  • Songs with brackets go under the first letter of the first word e.g. ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ goes under ‘I’.
  • Songs that start with ‘The’ are also placed in the letter of the first full word in the title e.g. ‘The Entertainer’ is under ‘E’.
  • Songs that start with a number or symbol are placed under the letter that the spelling of the word starts with e.g. ‘#9 Dream’ is under ‘N’ and ‘1984’ is under ‘N’.
  • Two songs with exactly the same title will be then alphabetised by artist name.