The Sound A to Z

It was a monumental musical journey, spanning thousands of song titles all in alphabetical order.

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Here are all the $150 cash winners. Cheers to our mates at Suzuki Marine.


A - B
Andrew Mckenzie

B - C
Kev Skinner

C - D
Garth Robinson

D - E
Grant Clegg

E - F
Mark Harris

F - G
Janice Ashton-Smith

G - H
Victoria Martin

H - I
Alana Hammar

I - J
Katrina Louisson

J - K
Lisa Lewis

K - L
Cheryl Anthony

L - M
Stephen Philpott

M - N
Kelly Frisby

N - O
Amanda Lahman

O - P
Alan Hall

P - Q
Ted Frinkleton

Q - R
Deagan Cutts

R - S
Eru Brodie

S - T
Dick Taylor

T - U
Mark Hennessy

U - V
Malcolm Mcleod

V - W
Alan Martindale 

W - X
Simon Burns

X - Y
Tina Sorensen

Y - Z
Jenni Edwards

How we alphabetise The Sound's A-Z

  • Songs that start with ‘A’ have been placed in the letter of the first full word in the title e.g. ‘A Face In The Crowd’ is under ‘F’.
  • Songs with brackets go under the first letter of the first word e.g. ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ goes under ‘I’.
  • Songs that start with ‘The’ are also placed in the letter of the first full word in the title e.g. ‘The Entertainer’ is under ‘E’.
  • Songs that start with a number or symbol are placed under the letter that the spelling of the word starts with e.g. ‘#9 Dream’ is under ‘N’ and ‘1984’ is under ‘N’.
  • Two songs with exactly the same title will be then alphabetised by artist name.