Joey Kramer reportedly sues Aerosmith bandmates

News 22/01/2020

According to a news report, Joey Kramer is filing a lawsuit against his Aerosmith bandmates, claiming that they are not allowing him to perform with them.

TMZ has reported that the lawsuit stems from a shoulder injury that Kramer suffered in April last year. He described it as a minor injury that caused him to miss a few dates of the first half of Aerosmith's Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas residency where his drum tech, John Douglas has temporarily filled in his role.

Kramer was required to audition earlier this month by drumming along with a click track to prove that his drumming skills were up to standards. It also marks the first time an Aerosmith member was required to do after an illness/injury. After listening to his audition tapes, his bandmates have concluded that Kramer "did not have enough 'energy' in the recordings".

As a result, the drummer will not be playing alongside the band during MusiCare Person of the Year benefit concert this weekend, the Grammys telecast with Run-DMC and the band's next Las Vegas residency leg that kicks off on 29th Jan.

TMZ also noted that Kramer was required to pay his replacement $10,000 a week for rehearsals and $20,000 a week for performances. From all the stress that has taken a toll on Kramer's health, he had to extend his hospital stay in November. He is hoping the lawsuit would return his drummer role in the band and prevent "irreparable harm" to his career.