Brian May opens up about his depression over Christmas period

Music 06/01/2020

Brian May has opened up about his recent bout of depression over the Christmas period and how he coped. 

He explains on social media how a gift from Def Leppard's Joe Elliot helped him through it. 

“Inspiration for the next 10 years? Thanks to my dear friend Joe Elliott I have this great image of my hero Jimi Hendrix on my wall to remind me to keep reaching for the stars,” May said via Instagram, showing off the gift. He continued: “A bit too glib for you? Well, that’s my brave face. Most of this Christmas period I haven’t wanted to show my face because my face was grim."

“There’s something about this time of the year that paralyses me. Depression, hopelessness, fear ... I get engulfed. Is it logical? No. Should I be grateful for my life and therefore NOT depressed? Yes. But none of that makes any difference when you look up and the colours have gone out of the world.”