Huey Lewis reveals what his two biggest regrets are from the '80s


Huey Lewis has produced some cracker songs over the years and cemented himself as one of the greats in our music collections.

But the rocker has revealed two of his biggest regrets from the '80s during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Looking back at his career in the Grammy Museum, Huey Lewis revealed that he regrets rejecting a large sponsorship deal and refusing to record a song Bob Dylan sent him.

Lewis recalled that, after Pepsi signed a $50 million deal with Michael Jackson in 1986, the soft drink's biggest rival contacted him. "Coca-Cola asked to have a meeting [so] we flew to Atlanta," Lewis said. "They offered us millions of dollars [to use] 'The Heart of Rock & Roll' in a commercial. I said no. Stupid."

On another occassion, Bob Dylan and him met during the recording of the charity single, We Are the World in 1985. Lewis said he sang a line in the song that was originally meant for Prince, who didn't show up.

Later, Dylan sent Lewis a song and suggested he should use it. But he rejected the idea.

"I should have cut it," Lewis admitted.

"I don't know what I was thinking."