Photo by Richard McCaffrey/Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

On this day in 1974: Iggy Pop challenged a Detroit biker gang

News 04/02/2020

On this day in 1974, The Stooges were performing at The Rock & Roll Farm in Wayne, Michigan with Iggy Pop fronting the band in a leotard.

The bar was a common hangout spot for Detroit biker gang, the Scorpions (not to be confused with the Scorpions band). As part of an initiation for a new member, they had him throw eggs at Iggy and of course... the Stooges singer was not impressed.

He began taunting the bikers from the stage before diving into the crowd to fight him. Iggy lost, unfortunately.

The next day, The Stooges appeared on the Detroit radio station, WABX, where Iggy challenged the Scorpions to show up at the Stooges' upcoming show at Detroit's Michigan Palace, which the Scorpions did.

The Stooges had backup from another biker gang of their own called God's Children, who were friends with their drummer.

Captured on the live album Metallic K.O., the Stooges' final show was beyond wild with Iggy taunting the crowd so viciously and they responded violently.

Critic Lester Bangs described, "Nobody gets killed, but Metallic K.O. is the only rock album I know where you can actually hear hurled beer bottles breaking against guitar strings".