WATCH: The Who messes up playing new song live

live 18/02/2020

The Who was playing at a low-key club in London just last week when singer Roger Daltrey got a little lost during their first attempt to promote their new song, 'Break the News'.

Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend delivered two eight-song sets at Pryzm alongside an acoustic band. They played 'Break the News' and 'She Rocked My World' from their latest album, 'Who'.

Watch 'She Rocked My World' below.

Daltrey admitted that he required a sheet of lyrics because he's getting a little old. "I'm in the first stages of the dreaded late-seventies … and the memory ain't what it was. I've never sung this song before live. I might have to read it." He went on to express his happiness to finally be able to include Townshend's brother, Simon's songs in the new Who album.

Halfway into 'Break the News', Daltrey gave up to much laughter, asking the band if they could start again. "I'm lost. I'm completely lost," he says.

His bandmate Townshend joked to the crowd, "I knew he'd be trouble. He's deaf, and he's blind, and for the last year and a half, he's had a carrot up his arse. Should I remove it?"

"Do you give a fuck about the lyrics?" the singer asked. "Well, sadly, I do." Pete responded, "Simon does! Poor Simon!"

Daltrey then apologised to Simon while Townshend admitted that he was also extremely useless at remembering lyrics. Watch their performance of 'Break the News' below.