Nick Mason talks about Pink Floyd without David Gilmour and Syd Barrett

News 16/03/2020

In a recent interview, Pink Floyd’s legendary drummer, Nick Mason talked about the beginning of the band, as well as David Gilmour and Syd Barrett.

In the conversation, Nick said the absence of David Gilmour made him feel more relaxed for being on the wheel for a while.

In regards to Syd Barrett, he commented:

“I think the jury’s still out, in a way, in terms of what really happened to Syd, and I think it’s something that’ll never really be answered because there are really two schools of thought,”

“One was that he was overdosing on acid, which certainly is quite likely. But, it could also be to do with the fact that actually, he didn’t want to be a rock god,”

“He actually wanted to go back and be a painter, and I think we now feel that we probably – well, we certainly weren’t helpful because we assumed that would mean he was mad.”

When asked if it was a relief not having Roger David Gilmour there, “to just be your project for a while?” he replied:

“Oh yeah, to be put from ship’s cook to ship’s captain is fantastic for me.”

When asked who was his all-time favourite drummer in the same interview, Nick replied:

“There were inevitably more than one, though Ginger Baker was the drummer who actually put me where I am now because seeing Cream live, I think they were playing at the Regent Street Public, I just said, ‘Now, that’s what I’d like to hear.’”

“I was playing drums, but not that enthusiastically. It was suddenly the drummer who actually was an equal partner in the trio rather than have the back on them.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.