The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger announces ‘The Ritual Begins at Sundown’ album

New 29/02/2020

The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger has announced details of his ninth solo album, titled The Ritual Begins at Sundown, to be released on April 24th. 

The Player's Club label will be releasing the album, describing the instrumental LP as a "return to friends". It will feature a wide range of Krieger's colleagues from the era when he began exploring jazz music, including several people who worked with Frank Zappa. The record contains nine original compositions as well as a cover of Zappa's 'Chunga's Revenge'.

You can listen to the lead track 'The Drift' below. 

"I was hanging out with my buddy Arthur Barrow and we had some songs we had been fooling around with then we got some other friends involved," Krieger said in a statement. 

"When I wrote songs for the Doors, it was always the music first. I think you have to have some musical ability to really understand jazz… when I was young, I didn't really understand it." 

He recalled attending jazz clubs with bandmate John Densmore, adding: "After a while it sank in, and I always loved it after that. I kinda write for myself… I don't expect to have any more hits like 'Light My Fire' – but you never know."

The cover artwork for the new album is painted by Krieger himself, after he has taken up the hobby in recent years.

Robby Krieger - 'The Ritual Begins at Sundown' Tracklist

  1. What Was That?
  2. Slide Home
  3. The Drift
  4. Chunga's Revenge
  5. Hot Head
  6. Yes, The River Knows
  7. The Hitch
  8. Dr. Noir
  9. Bianca's Dream
  10. Screen Junkies